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To achieve sustained, consistent business results over time, it is necessary to turnaround to a High Performance Business Culture (HPBC)™.  

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Turning around to a new Business Culture is a Process.  Key principles for turning around to a new Business Culture:

  • Different areas in the organisation take longer to transform than others;
  • Even if it seems at face value that areas in the organisation have turned around, they are  still in the process of becoming fully matured and functional for the new transformed Business Culture;
  • If you stop a turnaround process prematurely, the ‘Business Organism’ will be deformed and will most probably die because it is now not in the original state nor in the  new turnaround state and cannot function as intended;

The ICTUS Business Turnaround Process is called: Maximised Business Empowerment (MBE) ™ The ICTUS Turnaround End State is called High Performance Business Culture (HPBC) ™ ICTUS’ Definition of a High Performance Business Culture (HPBC) ™:

  • Sustained consistent business results over time;
  • Empowered ownership and business partnerships at all levels;
  • Planning for the vision at the lowest level;
  • Active re-planning in-shift;
  • Ratios between overtime and in-shift at acceptable level;
  • Minimize the gap between actual and planning.